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Watersorb Medium Polymer

Medium Polymer


Watersorb Medium Polymer has many uses in horticulture, dust control, arts & crafts, and more. It is the most common size of super absorbent polymer we sell. 

In horticulture, Medium Polymer is used in flower pots, planting beds, and new and established lawns to prolong moisture in the soil, reducing your water bill and helping plants survive through heat and drought. It is used largely in golf courses, ball fields, parks, and residential/commercial lawns. Medium Polymer stores fertilizer applied to plants to help extend the nutrient availability in your soil, reduces the leaching of water soluble fertilizers. It is also used in hydroponics as a growing medium.

Medium Polymer is also used in equestrian arenas, ball fields, and volleyball courts to control dust. The polymer is mixed with the soil, and then hydrated, keeping the dust on the ground.

The arts & crafts applications for Medium Polymer include candles, Smelly Jelly, hot & cold packs, and cigar humidifiers.

Visit our Applications page for more information on the uses of our polymers.

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