As a non profit corporation, Watersorb is able to buy large volumes of polymers at very low prices and pass the savings on to our customers. Our mission is to use technology to save our most valuable natural resource, water. We strive for customer satisfaction.  Here is what some of our customers have to say about Watersorb:


Best prices!  (Shopped around but no one could even come close.)  Quick and sensible shipping! (No inexplicable handling fees!)  Didn't hesitate to place a second order (another 5 pounds for the rest of the garden!) after incorporating the initial 5 pounds under our new sod lawn.  Thank you for offering such a practical and versatile product! (Been making our own heating and cooling pads too!)  We can't help spreading the word to all our gardening friends!

Tito Villareal - Glendale, California


I am so impressed with HydroPAM! A week ago a guy came by my place and was complimenting me on my pond while lamenting the fact that his earthen pond leaked. I extolled the virtues of your product and gave him the website link.

There must be hundreds if not thousands of guys out there with leaking ponds who would benefit from HydroPAM. I want to yell HydroPAM from the rooftops but I can’t find a ladder to get there!

I was feeling so dejected before I found you, I had a $5,000 hole in the ground now I have a beautiful pond full of fish!

Ed C. - Asheville, NC 


I have learned that high quality doesn’t have to mean high prices.  Watersorb.com has the best quality polymer at the lowest prices.

Bob P. - Amarillo TX 


We were expecting an lower grade of watering crystals because of your low prices.   Were we surprised!  Your watering crystals are far superior the Agrisoke brand we have been buying for $14.00 a pound at Lowe's. Now we can afford to do our entire yard.”

Katrina W. - St Louis, MO 


My gardening club and l went together and bought two 50 lb containers of your product.  We saved a lot of money, and are able to use the water saving crystals in all of our gardening projects.

Mrs. Charles S. - Hattiesburg, AL 


Here in South Texas, and we have long, dry hot summers.  I used the PAM per your instructions, and saved enough money on my water bill in one season to pay for all of the PAM, and have enough left over for next year. Plus my tomatoes and other vegetables have never been better.

Paula M. - Harlingen, TX 


Your customer service is great.  I ordered on Monday, and got my order on Wednesday.  Also, the advice from Doug Morris has been very helpful.  Keep up the good work. 

Steven R. - Lexington, Kentucky 


As a landscape architect, I specify polyacrylamide in all of my jobs, and insist that they be used on all commercial jobs, as the polymer dramatically increases new plant survival rate. Most new plants die during the first year from lack of water.  Using polyacrylamide saves my plants and makes my clients happy!

Mario G. - Phoenix, AZ


I have bog plants growing next to dessert cactus, and shocking all of my neighbors, because they don’t know the bog plants are growing on a reservoir of water crystals.  

Pat T. - Dothan, AL 


I own a wholesale nursery, and I am able to buy polymer from watersorb.com cheaper than from the manufacturer. I don’t know how you do it, but your prices have allowed me to use the polymer in all of my potted plants, and sell it to other nurseries.
Connie Z. - San Bernardino, CA 


I grow seven acres of organic vegetables for sale at our family owned produce market, and watersorb’s polymers save me time, trouble and money. My irrigation costs are down more than 50%, and my yields on some crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and watermelons have dramatically increased. Since I use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, I thoroughly researched polymer use for organic farming, and determined your information regarding polymers being non-toxic and biodegradable to be true.  Thanks for all of your help.
David  E. - 
Beaumont, CA 


The drought here in south Georgia has been devastating.   There are stringent restrictions on watering lawns and plants.  The water absorbent polymer has been a lifesaver.  When we built our new home last year, we used your polymer in all of our landscaping, and even incorporated it into the soil before sodding, as per your instructions.  All of our neighbors’ lawns and plants are either dead or suffering, and our yard looks great.  Also, their water bills have been astronomical.  One neighbor has a $475 water bill! Thank you so much!
James P. -
Valdosta, GA