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Watersorb brand water crystals are used in a wide variety of different crafts and the list grows each day with the imaginations of our customers. Our LARGE, MEDIUM and COOL TIE polymers have been sifted to reduce powdered polymer from interfering with the specific crafts like cool ties which will develop a slick feel if the polymer is not sifted. Here is more information on Cool Ties.

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Thus far we know of these craft uses of Watersorb Polymers: Cool Ties, aromatherapy, smelly jellies, decorative candles, jelly baths, bouquets, artifact preservative, pet cooling mats, artificial fish aquariums, hot and cold packs, and cigar humidifiers.


Watersorb superabsorbent polymers are non-toxic and completely safe to handle when using them for your arts and crafts projects. View our Safety Data Sheet below.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

If you have any questions about the uses listed above or other possible uses, please contact us. We want to help in any way possible!

arts crafts polymer  arts crafts polymer arts crafts polymer

Smelly Jelly Recipe

1 teaspoon medium or large Watersorb brand water crystals will absorb approximately 1 cup water. Place crystals in a large bowl and add water. Wait 30 minutes and it will produce beautiful ice looking crystals. To add color, add a drop of food coloring to the water. To add fragrance to the crystals use either water or oil based fragrance. To use oil based fragrance (essential oils), add one drop of scent free dishwashing detergent to the water before adding polymer and fragrance. This is not necessary with water-based fragrance, however, most customers report longer lasting fragrance when using oil-based scent.

History of Smelly Jelly

In 1988, Dan Wofford Jr. wrote and distributed a brochure describing how to make Smelly Jelly. In the early 1990s, the Cooperative Extension Service distributed the recipe and many individuals started cottage businesses making Smelly Jelly and selling it at flea markets, trade shows, and fairs. A few years later several US and Japanese companies began making Smelly Jelly for sale over the internet and in hobby & craft stores. Smelly Jelly has been a popular item on E-Bay since the inception of the internet auction company. In 1999, the Smelly Pelly was invented. This proprietary formula allows the customer to add water to the superabsorbent polymer which has had fragrance and color embedded in the polymer. The polymer is the shape of a pellet--hence the name Smelly Pelly—just add water! Thousands of individuals have been making and selling Smelly Jelly and Smelly Pelly for over a decade.


arts crafts polymer arts crafts polymer arts crafts polymer
#1 Add food color to water Add colored water
to water crystals
arts crafts polymer arts crafts polymer arts crafts polymer
#2  Add colored water to sprayer Spray water crystals
and stir
Add fresh water to
colored water crystals